A smooth sea
never made
a skilled sailor


Handcrafted with devotion, the strongly stubborn Solmu Beers are your companion for moments of storms and whitecaps, joy and mateship, between the devil and the deep blue sea. Anchors aweigh: ‘It`s time to enjoy Solmu Beer’

Solmu Beers

strongly stubborn specimens

Yankee sheepshank

“The friends were jolly and food was plenty, fading sunset set the mood to our steps turning heavy. Sheepshank, you funny little bastard: at 3 AM, oh how you made our heads spinny and march unsteady”

Yankee Sheepshank is strongly stubborn individual that goes great with barbeque and spicy food, parties and good company

ABV4.8%   |   American Pale Ale

Indian Clove Hitch

“As we watched the first rays of sun rise at the still horizon, we could feel a slight sea breeze. At that moment we knew: when the morning arises, we would set sails and head for a new journey”

Indian Clove hitch is the anticipating taste of adventure you can’t resist. Crack open with fellow adventurers

ABV6.2%   |   American style India Pale Ale

Solmu Brewery

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“My lifelong dream was to brew the greatest beer of mankind. I was lucky to learn from the best: my father, who was a brewer for 27 year’s at Hull brewery, and someone I still turn to when good ol’ arguing is needed about beer.

1999, to follow my father’s beacon I set sails in Hull, England, headed
for Stockholm and, finally, came to anchor in Finland.

This brewery is haven for all navigators of the seas and all lovers of
handcrafted beers. Here, with stubborn devotion our team brew beer that calls to be
enjoyed with friends, paired up with good food and a thirst for adventure.“

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